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Architectural Review Board (ARB)

The ARB (Architectural Review Board) is responsible for ensuring that the Rules and Regulations that govern any additions (like sheds) or improvements (like fences and mailboxes ) that are made in the Sweetbriar sub-division are in keeping with the original developer's policies.  

When a homeowner wishes to make a change to their home or property, it is to their advantage to complete an ARB form and return it to the management company for approval. It is within the authority of the ARB to remove structures or require compliance to existing rules governing the Sweetbriar community.

Please, if you plan to make changes to your property, fill out the form and send it to the Management Company. 

Covenants and Restrictions


This Document covers the following:  Definitions, Homeowners' Association, Assessments, Structures, Fences and Hedges, Appropriate Parking and Vehicles, Clotheslines, Construction, Sheds and Shacks, Signs, Aerials and Antennas, Mail Boxes, Pets, Offensive Activities and Wells.

Also included are the Developer's right (or his "assigns") to correct Violations and to make amendments or additional restrictions.

Covenant Clarifications


At the September 11, 2007 Board of Directors meeting, some clarifications were made to the Sweetbriar Covenants and Restrictions.



The Articles include the Official Name and Purpose of the Corporation, How the Corporation is Organized and Managed and Who Qualifies for Membership.



The By - Laws include information on Meetings of the Board of Directors, the Annual General Meeting, Membership, Proxies, Officers and Agents, Duties of the Officers, Execution of Contracts, Resignation or Replacement of an Officer and use of Monies.

Download Important Documents

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